Grand Mondial Casino: 150 Mega Moolah Spins for just £10

In our opinion, the Grand Mondial Casino first deposit bonus is one of the most amazing offers on the market.

For just a £10 deposit, new players are awarded 150 spins on one of the most famous progressive slots of all time: Mega Moolah.

Why is Mega Moolah so famous? As perhaps the biggest and most played progressive slot, its jackpot regularly tops £1 million (and often much, much more). And regular million pound jackpots mean regular million pound winners. What’s not to like?

If you’ve ever bought a lottery ticket you know the special thrill that comes with it as you imagine yourself winning. Will I jump up and down and scream for joy? Or perhaps sit silently knowing I’ve got it made for the rest of my life?

Now imagine enjoying that special thrill 150 times! And just for a tenner? It’s an unbelievable bargain!

Grand Mondial

Why the Grand Mondial welcome bonus is such a bargain

It is not uncommon for an online casino welcome bonus offer to match a first deposit 100% in bonus funds. Sometimes you might see 150% or even 200% matches. The Grand Mondial first deposit bonus is such an amazing deal because it is in effect a 275% matching deposit bonus.

Seriously, here’s the math: your £10 first deposit gets you 150 Mega Moolah spins. Mega Moolah spins are worth 25p each. 150 x 25p = £37.50. In other words, you get a bonus of £27.50 for your £10 deposit.

Mega MoolahPretty amazing, eh? But it’s actually even more amazing than you might realise at first. You see, hardly any other online casino will give you spins on a progressive slot like Mega Moolah. Every time a player buys a spin on a progressive slot, the online casino has to pay the company that runs it (in this case, Microgaming). That’s how Mega Moolah is able to offer such huge, million pound jackpots – everyone who plays is contributing to the prize amount. When you play your 150 bonus spins, which you got at a steep discount, Grand Mondial are still paying your contribution to the jackpot prize.

Do people actually win Mega Moolah with Grand Mondial?

MG Grand Mondial millionaireBelieve it or not, Grand Mondial bonus spins have already produced three previous instant millionaires.

Every time a lucky Mega Moolah player wins, Grand Mondial tells us a bit about their story (although with their names changed to just initials to protect their privacy).

In 2017, a player known as M.G. won over €4 million with his 150 Mega Moolah spins. He used his winnings to buy a Porsche Cayenne to move his family about, and invested the rest.

Later that same year, part time student K.T. signed up for this very same offer even though she had never gambled online before. She won $1.4 million before the day was over. She then quit her two student jobs, took her family on a huge holiday, and went to being a full-time student.

Six months later in April 2018, S.K. won several $10 prizes after signing up for Grand Mondial late one night. Then, without warning, he suddenly won $5.6 million! S.K. decided to invest much of his money to make his family’s future secure, and then donated a large amount to a charity that helps young people.

The Mega Moolah jackpot is regularly climbing to several million pounds – sometimes over ten million. Check the amount here to see what the current jackpot figure is.

Terms and conditions

All online casino bonus offers come with terms and conditions, and of course the Grand Mondial offer is no exception. Like most matching deposit bonuses, this one has what’s known as a wagering requirement. What makes the Grand Mondial welcome bonus different is the potential upside compared to that wagering requirement: if you win big, the wagering requirement is unlikely to trouble you much.

The wagering requirement for the first deposit bonus is 60 times (or “60x”). Admittedly, this is fairly high. But let’s examine what this means in real life with some math.

A 60x wagering requirement means you must wager 60 x £37.50 (your combined bonus and first deposit) before withdrawing any winnings from your bonus play. This equates to £2,250.

If you win a few hundred quid from Mega Mollah, meeting this wagering requirement might be touch and go. But who plays Mega Moolah 150 times only hoping to win a few hundred quid?

Let’s be honest for a moment. If you’re signing up for 150 Mega Moolah spins you are dreaming of a big jackpot win of a million quid plus, right? If you’re not, you might be playing the wrong slot guys.

Did M.G., K.T., of S.K. mind playing through £2,250 before withdrawing their huge jackpot wins? We don’t know for sure, but it seems unlikely they will have worried about this too much. Would you?

This is the genius of this bonus offer: it only requires a small deposit, you get 150 chances to win big, and if you win big you don’t really need to worry about the terms and conditions.

How can I be sure I will have a fair chance of winning?

Perhaps the only flaw in the Grand Mondial bonus offer is it might sound too good to be true. You might think if Grand Mondial have paid out three millionaires already they might not be too keen to keep doing it. What incentive does this casino have to keep creating instant millionaires?

This question is easily answered, thankfully. Remember before when we explained that everytime someone from around the world plays Mega Moolah they make a small contribution to the progressive jackpot? If you join Grand Mondial and win a million pounds a few minutes later, it will not cost the casino any more than it would if you don’t win. The cost to the casino is the spins, not the big wins.

Actually, it is completely the opposite to a problem for Grand Mondial when someone becomes an instant winner. Every time there is a new member for their Millionaires Club they have a huge celebration! If there was a new winner every day it would like a party every day!

If you still have doubts, just be aware this casino is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (well known globally as being one of the strictest licensing regimes in the world).

There’s more to this welcome bonus than 150 Mega Moolah spins

The first deposit bonus for Grand Mondial is so spectacular that it’s easy to forget there is a lot more to this bonus offer than just that.

Make your second deposit and you get a 100% match in bonus money, allowing you to claim up to a £250 bonus. There are lots of online casinos out there with first deposit bonus offers that are not this good.

As this is a more standard bonus, it comes with a more standard wagering requirement: 30x.

There are other terms and conditions you should be aware of as well, but most are pretty standard.

More about “K.T.” – our favourite winner!

K.T Grand Mondial CasinoThe Grand Mondial millionaire winner stories are all fantastic, but our favourite is K.T.’s.

After winning $1.4 million she got a call from the casino to congratulate here. Here’s what she said:

“This can’t be a thing! This is unreal! I had to keep checking and call my sister! There has been a lot of laughing and crying! The first thing she said was that I really deserve this!

“My grandpa always played the lotto every day saying he would win. I’ve been speaking to him, saying ‘I just want to win grandpa!’ I never believed that this would happen! He’s watching over me.

“Grand Mondial Casino has opened a whole new door to another world. It’s tacky but so true! Holy smokes! I’m going to throw up!”

We don’t actually know if K.T. threw up or not, but we can certainly understand that sense of excitement.